8] Achievers club
– Sports
1) Ajay Diliprao Rokade
Selected for the state level & got gold medal division level in the wt.
group 51-53 for Boxing (Inter College)
Chess district level. (School level)
2) Vivek Bharsake
Ball-Badminton state level
3) Sagar Ramesh Bansod
Foot Ball District Level (Pune)
School and Guides State (Pune)
4) Pranav Suresh Sonewane
Selected for the District Level in Wt group 60-62
Kabadi Division Level
5) Tavare Guruprasad Maohukar
Bronze Medal In firing (N.C.C.)
6) Shantanu Khirade
State Player Gold Medal Tennis-Amravati
State player Badminton-Mumbai
7) Bhagyesh Vinodrao Hingankar
Kabbadi - District level
8) Awati Rahul Basgonda
Kho-Kho- State level
9) Sagar Ashok Shrivastav
Volleyball Division, School level Cricket National level Start.
10) Dagade Ankush Vitthal 1st in heigh jump, 1st in 100 m running, 1st in reely (100 × 4) Select for state level heigh jump reely (4 × 100 ) 11) Swapnil Dilip Chasker NCC Cadate I attained 2-RDC camps at 49 Maharashtra BN NCC Amolner shtra BN NCC Nagar. Handball & Throw ball Player State level 12) Athang S. Suryavanshi Has successfully completed H.A.T.P. Taknaur Valley-Kyarkoti Uttarakhand, Conducted and organized by SERAC, Pune held on 21st May to 3rd June 2010. 13) Nogeshwar Ghanshyam Bandebuche Basket-ball, Karate at Division level 14) Akshay y. Shinde Boot ball (Division level) 11th, 12th 15) Nitin Subhash Nevhar NCC 'B' Certificate pass Army attachment camp MIRC-2011, Ahmadnagar Annual Training camp (ATC)- 2011, Aurangabad Annual Training camp (ATC)-2012, Aurangabad.
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